Enjoy simple natural luxury

The Ortners Mauerwirt country house in Bad Kleinkirchheim is the first house to provide 8 genuine arolla pinewood holiday apartments under one roof. As part of the complete refurbishment of the holiday apartments, all the wooden furniture was made out of arolla pinewood and supplied directly by a carpenter. Following a unique concept, old traditional forms were incorporated into a new design. This combination has resulted in a special living ambience, enhanced by the proven health benefits of the pinewood furniture. 
The interiors at Mauerwirt are characterised by simple forms, straight lines, modest furniture in centuries-old forms, and a luxurious living space of 60 to 110m² with open views over nature.

Enjoy health and pure comfort - Contact with nature has significant health benefits, and you do not need to sacrifice comfort. From a fully-equipped kitchen with an oven, dishwasher, microwave, large fridge with a separate freezer, to its own fireplace and a four-poster pinewood bed – all of these are provided at Mauerwirt to ensure you have a comfortable stay, also for large families. 

The beneficial properties of the wood of the "Queen of the Alps" (arolla or Cembra pine; lat.: pinus cembra) have been appreciated and applied for centuries. This practical knowledge has now been studied scientifically and empirically for the first time. A series of experimental trials showed that the participants had a significantly better quality of sleep in an arolla pinewood bed compared to a bed made of artificial wood. The better night’s sleep is accompanied by a lower heart rate and a greater physical vitality during the daytime. These physiological results matched the subjective impressions of the participants, who reported a more restorative night’s sleep, a sense of greater general well-being, and surprisingly a higher level of “social extroversion”. Maybe this is a reason why guest rooms used to be furnished with arolla pinewood. 

The antibacterial effects of arolla pinewood
With regard to damp spaces, it has been established that arolla pinewood has a significantly higher antibacterial effect, while spruce wood has a moderate antibacterial effect. After a test period of 12-14 hours, a greater quantity of bacteria was found in beech, poplar and maple wood. In the same test, practically no viable bacteria could be found on the arolla pinewood.
This is an ideal prerequisite for a “healthy” stay in the arolla pinewood apartments at the Ortners Mauerwirt country house.